Teacher. Leader. Learner. Doer. Mover. Shaker. Thinker. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Colleague.

My Philosophy
When I decided to become a teacher, I was passionate. I wanted to be a positive influence on our youth and prepare them for the world beyond high school. I see teaching as one of the noblest of professions and strive to be a great teacher in order to benefit the kids in my classes.

Now, my passion is the same, but to a greater level. I didn’t realize when I started out that teaching would have as big of an impact on me as it has. While I’ve been able to teach many lessons, I have likely learned more than I’ve taught. My personal growth and new perspective on the impact we can have on our students’ lives as a school system are immeasurable. As I’ve continued to learn and grow while working with wonderful students and colleagues, I’ve realized that in working with a collaborative team that is focused on the right results of student achievement and tapping into students’ genius and personal interests, we can continue to improve our practice. In turn, our students will reap greater benefits in terms of cognitive processes, social and emotional intelligence, and self knowledge. I now see myself more as a guide in this process than one who merely imparts knowledge.

I believe that all students can learn at high levels, and we must guarantee that they do. In teaching and leading, we work to set high standards for success and equip students to reach them. We must also equip our teachers to support students. All members of our school community must view themselves as learners, always growing from experience. We need not have all of the right answers all of the time, but we must be committed to our students, our colleagues, and continuous improvement. Each day, we must commit to getting a little bit better at what we do, and we must also help students learn a little bit more and hone their skills for success as well.

In the roles that I fulfill within our schools, I see myself as both a teacher and learner at all times.


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